Solutions for Accessible, Cost-Effective Vaccine Adjuvants

Using our proprietary design platform, TollereBio provides cutting edge solutions for advancing vaccine efficacy by engineering accessible, cost-effective TLR adjuvants.

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Better Adjuvants,
Better Health

TollereBio sets a new standard for vaccine adjuvant technology. Using transformative technologies, we develop adjuvants for prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines that are efficacious and safe.

In its Latin derivative, tollere means both to “raise,” and to “destroy” – two opposing forces that are an apt description for what adjuvants can do for vaccines.

BECC Technology

TollereBio is driven by our proprietary BECC technology platform which signals through toll-like receptor 4 (TLR4).

Our adjuvants are rationally designed using the engineering of biosynthetic pathways to select structures with unique properties. This enables adjuvants selected with specific immune responses to enhance both prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines.

Learn more about BECC compounds:
NIH Vaccine Adjuvant Compendium

A model of a TLR-4, shown on the TollereBio website.

TollereBio's  adjuvants offer a cost effective way of increasing the effectiveness of vaccines.

About Us

TollereBio was founded to commercialize the BECC Technology platform for adjuvant development invented by Dr. Robert K. Ernst at the University of Maryland, Baltimore. We are committed to improving vaccine efficacy and safety with global accessibility. The BECC platform enables quick and efficient engineering of lipid A mimetics for identification of new TLR4 adjuvants with customized immunostimulatory properties. Our team of experienced industry veterans is excited to offer accessible, cost-effective vaccine adjuvants that can have a positive impact on global human health.

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The Team

Photo of Charles Richardson PhD, Founder, President, and CEO of TollereBio.

Charles Richardson PhD

Founder, President and CEO

  • 30+ years in vaccine and adjuvant development
  • SVP CMC/Tech Ops, Icosavax
  • Global Head CMC, Takeda Vaccines
  • SVP R&D, LigoCyte
  • VP & Site Head, Corxia
  • VP Pharma Discovery, Ribi ImmunoChem
Photo of Robert K. Ernst, PhD, Founder and SAB Chair of TollereBio.

Robert K. Ernst PhD

Founder and SAB Chair

  • 10+ years of experience in vaccine and adjuvant research
  • Inventor of BECC platform for use as vaccine adjuvants (anything about anti-sepsis)
  • Dr. Paul and Mrs. Jean Corcoran Endowed Professor at University of Maryland, Baltimore
  • Chair of the Department of Microbial Pathogenesis
  • Distinguished University Professor
  • Co-Founder of Pataigin LLC developing a rapid lipid-based diagnostic platform
Photo of Hans Lien, Founder and COO of TollereBio.

Hans Lien

Founder and COO

  • 25+ years in vaccine and adjuvant development
  • VP Quality, Icosavax
  • Global Head CMC QA/QC, Takeda Vaccines
  • Director QA, LigoCyte
  • Manager QA, Schering-Plough Animal Health (now MSD)
  • Manager Upstream Mfg, GSK, Corixa, Ribi ImmunoChem

Contact Us

We’re here to succeed, together. TollereBio is looking for partnerships with other pharmaceutical and biotech companies to enhance product development and find rapid solutions for global needs.

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